Leave of absence

Taking a break from the blog for the next month in order to complete the manuscript based upon my time in Argentina and the story of Virginia Neary Carrithers.  Please keep in touch, check back in, and I shall look forward to resuming posts as soon as I have this project completed.

Sending love and light from these wild mountains.


beetle kill 2



red columbine



spring raven



6 thoughts on “Leave of absence

  1. Good for you Gin. Enjoy your special time to work on your project. We look forward to hearing from you when you return.
    Forgive me for being such a bad blogger friend these last few months.
    I am planning and praying for a big change in my life this year and pray part of the change will include the ability to work part time instead of full time. I need the extra time to get back in the swing of the creative life and sharing time with my blogger friends. :-)

  2. Looking forward to your thoughts and wisdom put into words. . . Truly a gift you have and so wonderful of you to put forth the work and time to create and share. Wishing lots of love light over your special family. . .

  3. Looking forward to your manuscript. Again thanks for your hard creative work to share Ginny’s story. It is an amazing story with many lessons of love’s triumphs.

  4. All the best for your assignment. I am looking forward to reading more, when the time is right. Life just seems so busy for us all. However we are creating, in our own ways. You’ve had a great adventure, and it’s so good of you to share.

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