A Request for Reviewers!

The Last of the Living Blue Cover


Readers – and Reviewers – Wanted!

I’m looking for a few willing and able readers.  If you are interested in receiving an advance reviewers’ pdf copy of The Last of the Living Blue in exchange for posting/sharing honest reviews (on Amazon, GoodReads, etc.) please e-mail me directly at gingetz at gmail dot com. I would so appreciate your help, and sincerely hope you will enjoy.

Please remember.  Not every book is for every person.  I’m a nature writer and memoir writer.  If your thing is romance or sci-fi or erotica, don’t waste your time (or mine). I mean no offence to those genres. That’s just not what I write. (This comes after getting my first bad review – from a woman who has a Playboy bunny symbol as her portrait picture. What a surprise.  She won a copy of my book, so she read it.  Well, I suppose I should be happy she read it… )

Oh, and the new cover… What do you think?  I would love to hear your feedback.


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Anyway, today it’s all business (well, mostly…) and self promotion. Please bear with me.  It’s all good stuff.

The biggest of course is this. The release of The Last of the Living Blue is scheduled for the end of the month.  The cover is completed, the layout is laid out, and the team at NorLights Press is once again jumping through flaming hoops (well, no, not really, but I imagine they feel like it at the end of some days) to get this done, and beautifully.

If you’re one of those wondering how lucky I am to have two books out in one year, yes indeed, I am feeling very lucky, but please remember this.  The first one took me five years and a stack a mile high (or so it felt) of rejection letters.  And all along I remembered this. Something I once read.  Forget the rejection letters and keep on writing. So I did.  You can too.  Writing or riding, dancing or drawing, or what ever it is you’ve been dreaming about.

Writing is my dream.  (Part of it.)  I’m still somewhat in shock that people actually read what I write…





Well, let me tell you a little bit about The Last of the Living Blue:

“The Last of the Living Blue (scheduled for release June 30, 2014 by NorLights Press) is an intimate, intense personal account of the effects of our changing climate in our big back yard, Colorado’s majestic mountains and the Weminuche Wilderness.  It reads close and comfortable, though the times it takes you through are often anything but.  It’s real and raw, told in a soft yet powerful voice, taking the reader along through one year of drought, fires, floods and the healing of mountain and mind.

“This beautifully told story addresses a matter of utmost concern from a unique perspective and in a quiet yet captivating tone. The Last of the Living Blue is an unusual approach to addressing the effects of climate change upon our beautiful world, one tree at a time. Neither a preachy lecture, nor a “everything’s peachy” scenario, you’ll find yourself enchanted with Gin’s prose, poetry and storytelling as she open up her world to us and shares with the reader in stunning words what she sees.”


What people are already saying about The Last of the Living Blue:

“How does somebody hear a forest unraveling? How can she see a mountain sighing? With the patience of a predator and the melancholy notes of an autumn breeze, The Last of the Living Blue brings to us what is hidden before our eyes, disturbing yet enduringly beautiful. In a world careening recklessly over the speed limit, Gin Getz’s ‘quiet voice singing’ is worth stopping to hear.”

— Daniel Glick, author of Monkey Dancing: A Father, Two Kids, and a Journey to the Ends of    the Earth (Public Affairs)


“Gin Getz writes exquisite prose about life on the mountain and at the headwaters of the Rio Grande. This is a passionate book: by a woman, for all that she loves intensely. And that’s a lot. This is a beautiful book to read.”

— Harold Rhenisch, author of Motherstone: British Columbia’s Volcanic Plateau


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A special thanks to Donna McBroom-Theriot for sharing such a wonderful review of The Color of the Wild on her fantastic web site:  My Life, One Story at a Time.

For all those folks who have asked if I have books on hand for sale, I do not.  I prefer supporting local book sellers.  Of course the book is available on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles but if you can buy local, please do.  The Color of the Wild is currently available in Lake City at Timberline Craftsman, and in Creede at San Juan Sports.  Two stores you definitely should visit if you’re in or passing through this part of Colorado.

Oh, and speaking of local bookstores…

For those of you in or near the Denver area, if you’re around Thursday evening, please stop by the Tattered Cover (Historic LoDo location) at 7 pm.  I’ll be presenting a talk, reading and slide show based on my work and world. I’d love to see you, meet you, and share with you there. (I would also really appreciate your support!)  I think it will be fun, but I’m honestly more than a little nervous.

And… although talking is not usually my thing, I’ll be speaking with the fabulous Irene Rawlings for a radio interview before the Tattered Cover event.  I’ll let you know (probably via Facebook) when the interview will be aired. Can’t wait to meet her!


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On other fronts, house building is progressing. Slowly but surely. The rain, hail and snow slowed us a down a little (as did the mud stuck to our boots), but the footer and foundation are complete.  My roots are in the Earth.


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