About person and place

Gin Getz is a writer based out of the high mountains in southwestern Colorado.  She works from her remote, off-grid ranch far and away from town, telephone and traffic where she lives with her husband, son, and a bunch of four legged and feathered friends.

Gin is currently completing a new manuscript, and is unavailable for comments and contact at this time.

Her books remain available on Amazon.com.


gin getz


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Gin, I am following your exquisite blog, and look forward to reading your work … and I’m also dropping by to let you know that I have presented you with the Genuine Blogger award – congratulations, I hope you enjoy it. ~ Julie :)

    • Thank you so much, Julie, for including me in this. I am honored and touched. Too often I hide in my own little world of words and images, and although I’m learning to share through the blog, I have yet to learn to reach out.

      Seeing how much you have done, reaching, including, communicating, broadening horizons, is wonderful and inspiring. May I accept this award humbly as a reminder of opening my heart and mind (and computer connection) more to others.

  2. Robinson Jeffers, that’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw your photograph. And you have that craft of writing and commitment to place. Awesome landscape. Profound, poetic, I’ll have to look around here before I make a fool of myself asking questions you’ve already answered. Remarkable body of work. Thank you.

    • Michael, Thank you for your kind words… and the reference. I am certain you could not say anything foolish here – I reserve that right and do a fine job of it. (If you do have time to look around, you’ll see…) I would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions when you have a chance.

    • You are so kind, Carrie, thank you. I feel I am the worlds worst blogger, so eager to run away from my computer and go outside that it takes me a week to respond and even longer to look into the words and images of those I care for, like yourself. I’m glad you know to just write me directly any time you need me. I hope to never let you down that way.

      • There is no “right way” to blog :) That is what makes it so appealing to so many. How could you write and share the way you do with out closing the screen and walking out your door! I totally get that.
        Honestly, I am not one to usually participate in blogger awards but I thought it was a fitting way, it felt right anyway, to acknowledge those (especially you) who have taught, inspired, and supported my creative work. It feels good to say thank you, and yes I do know that I can write you any time, directly. I am so grateful for our newly budding but comfortable connection. Enjoy the “outside” :)

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