Slowly snow



Dusting the deck as we finish dinner

Steak au poive under candle light

All that remain is my sweetie and me

Our four leggeds

The silly little coyote that refuses to run away

And snow

Illuminated by swelling moon

Diffused by slender clouds

Soft grayish whitish powder silky sprinkle

Clouds softer and lighter than those of summer

Without the depth and weight and drama of rain

Carried within them like a swollen mothers breast

But holding instead the sparkle and light and crystal air of


A silent promise

Little more than a whisper

That holds all the mystery of today tomorrow yesterday

Ten degrees to start to-day

The height of afternoon remained right at freezing

Ice begins to form upon the mighty Rio

Slowing her flow thick like ink of

Black pens I use to scratch out a poem in my weathered journal

There on the river in the dark of the trees still holding needles

Ice spans from bank to bank

Fragile as the thin shell of an egg

Only looming growing expanding each day

No longer chased away by mid day warmth

Portending as the melodious clouds above

Frozen ground hard beneath my boots

Steel on the horses hooves pound like thunder

As they run to me


Frost beneath the blue spruce on the north slope

Growing like mold on moist bread

The loaf that will be left out all winter to flourish

She settles, the season, slowly oozing into to her ice age

Of hoar frost and solid creeks

And still silent white wintriness

And taking me with her into her ashen solace

But here I will not remain

When even here is not far enough away


So for the friends and family and those who read this who know and care, this weekend I head up to British Columbia to visit Forrest.


And this winter, well this winter…

I am here, now, and tell you only of that for now, for here is where I am.

For now.

And tomorrow, well…





12 thoughts on “Slowly snow

  1. British Columbia!

    Well, if you are coming as far west as the Okanagan, I hope you’ll stop by in Vernon. We don’t have any ice as impressive looking as yours yet.

    Safe travels


    • Okanagan? We spent last winter outside of Winthrop, WA, pretty close… Forrest, our son, is in college in Squamish, BC (Quest University Canada). I’m flying into Vancouver and driving up. Packing my slicker and felt hat and ready for a very wet weekend, and looking forward to it no matter what. Here in Colorado, Harold, we’re at almost 10,000 feet elevation. So although we are far south, we sure get the cold, and long winters. I love them, but this year will be a little different… (I’ll explain soon) You might not have the ice yet, but I know it’s coming!

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