Days are as deep as we allow ourselves to dive, and life is as rich as we make it.  Ok, so it’s my birthday, and although I’m not looking for the extra love and attention (no, really…well… maybe… sort of…), these days always bring out a bit of selfishness in us all, and draws out our contemplative nature.  Another year gone; another one starting.

I’ll start with words of wisdom shared with my son, Forrest.

  1. Start being today the person you wish to be tomorrow.
  2. Remember, it may be what you do NOT do that you could regret when you one day look back upon your life, not what you have done.


46.  Somehow that sounds much older than 45.  Middle aged. Mature. Maybe it’s time to grow up.  Instead, I learn to accept that a part of me never will.  Childlike is not a crime.  I can live with it.  I can love it.  As I tend to do with the playful nature of my husband.  Maybe Growing Up is over rated.

Twenty years ago I didn’t think that.  Fun as I may have had back then, I looked at age as freedom.  Assuming age brings wisdom (and really, that is questionable, but probable, as long as we keep our eyes, mind and hearts open). Wisdom opens doors.  Within one self as well as out in the world.

Wisdom comes not only with age but with love of learning, love of living.  And isn’t that a wonderfully childlike state of being?  At any age.

So here’s to accepting growing older without completely growing up. Ever.

And all the while, being open for wiser days ahead.






17 thoughts on “46

  1. Trust me your words of wisdom to Forrest are very true .I wish I had them 45 years ago .Have a happy birthday .Whats this middle age thing .I was 46 almost 22 years ago and I am middle aged now . We must be using old and new math .

    • I like your math, Don. Middle age is probably no more a state of mind than “growing old.” My best friend is 79 yrs young, and looks around at people half her age growing older than I think she’ll ever be. Something with the open, interested, involved and loving state of mind.

  2. Well Happy Birthday my friend. Gosh you are 26 days younger than my daughter. Yup … you are now “pushing 50.” Nice post. Today I celebrate 30 years of marriage.

    • Right on, Sherie. Looking forward to the fifties! I’ve just never really seen the problem with aging… only the benefits. Ask me again in twenty or thirty years? I hope to see it the same then. Only better.

  3. Best wishes. To retain a sense of curiosity, a capacity for joy, and a willingness to play while learning from everything life throws at us—this is my wish for us both.

  4. Beautiful words and photos…maple leaves, right?
    And I wholeheartedly agree with what Forrest says about possibly regretting things “not done” in life. So let’s get out there and do and live life to the fullest!

  5. Happy birthday Gin!

    I’m older than you by a couple of years but, being in Europe, I use the metric system to feel younger:)

    Well not really but one has to smile at life.

    But in truth I feel younger and freer in mind now than I did ten or twenty years ago. So I’m keeping middle age at bay. And so are you by the sound of it.

    • And next year, Julian, your fiftieth? I am ready to welcome you here at our ranch then to celebrate, and share my horses, these mountains, and the wild iron horse that roams these wilds about us…

  6. Existing is not enough for those of us who want to taste, feel, ask, wrestle with and challenge life! I am observing friends who continually reference being old. Well, guess what! They are. Their humour has turned to cartoons about aged people. Yes, it’s great to see the humour in it, but not to the exclusion of stuff that challenges us and keeps us fresh.

    Love the picture of Forrest and you. Look at those mirrored hands! What a wonderful face the man has. He’s been most fortunate to have a wise Mom, a great exposure to nature and a chance to be uniquely educated. Wow. I want to see where all this goes! :D

    • You know more than most at this point, Amy, as for where we are heading, both inside and physically. I think of you almost daily, as I confirm my guidance and direction. I can not thank you enough.

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