Today is the big day.

The book, The Color of the Wild, is released and available.

It can be found on in paperback and through the Publisher. The e-book and Kindle version will be available shortly following.  The book will also be available soon through Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords as well.

I would also like to ask for your help.

Please start by reading the book!  I sincerely hope you will enjoy.

If you do, please share the news with your family and friends.  Spread the word, through your e-mail lists, acquaintances, co-workers, social networks, book clubs, reading groups, the local paper or someone you know from a glossy magazine, old friends, friends of friends, the woman next door…  You get the idea.

If you can, please leave reviews, especially with Amazon and Goodreads.   This is how the word spreads beyond my little circle.  And that’s what writing is for. To share.  (So even if you don’t like it and leave a bad review, it still helps me, believe it or not.  Though of course, I’m hoping you’ll like it!)

The success of this first book is up to people like you and efforts like this.  I thank you all for your support.


aspen leaf in warm snow


Since starting High Mountain Muse at the end of 2008 and then moving onto this site a few years ago, I was surprised to learn one of the best parts of writing is sharing and reaching out. I have had the honor of getting to know some wonderful people. Some of you I know and have known for years though we have never met.  You’ve become a part of our family, are on a first name basis around here. Like Amy in BCMaggie in New Hampshire, Don in Vegas, Ann from Greenville. Some of you I have had the pleasure to meet because of writing, like Al from Garland, and Julian from across the ocean who we’ll have the pleasure of meeting here soon.  And some of you I only got to know better, like Karen in Keller and Pia in Poland.

I don’t know why I’m sharing this now, except somehow I know it matters. Because at the end of the day, that’s what writing is all about.  I read recently a renowned author state, “You must write for yourself and be-damned with the rest.”  Well, maybe I’ll never be renowned, but I write for my readers.  I write for you.

Maybe I’m caught up playing the heart strings today.  Why not?  It’s Valentine’s Day!

Thank you once again for your support and your help, your understanding and your encouragement.

An extra special thanks to the publishers of this book – Sammie & Dee and Nadene of Norlights Press. You guys are awesome!

With the warmest of wishes,

And best wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day to all!



looking towards starvation


21 thoughts on “Today!

  1. Gin, Congrats on your new book!!! I plan to buy it today and will write a review when finished…..excited! Also, I LOVE your photography! That should be a book of its own : } Fondly, Connie

    • Connie, thank you so very much – and a review is super helpful – as you know from getting your business going, the best way to the word. Thank you in advance. I’ve got two more books in the works, but I do hope someday to do something more with my photos – and maybe by that time I’ll amass enough good ones to make a book. In the meanwhile, I’ll enjoy trying, taking and sharing. Thanks again, Connie.

    • Thank you, Margie. Like giving birth, but without the pain, I was told, and I now know it’s true! There are photos and stories of my Flying Crow (Fadjurz Ideal) in there too… bonus!

  2. The books is now on it’s way. I’ve had a long dry spell of reading, longer than I’d care to admit, since it is something I love dearly. I spend my days helping struggling kindergartners not only learn basic pre-reading and reading skills, but hopefully a love for reading as well along the way. Reading your blog takes me to a place where i think my alter ego lives (an helps me to still feel connected to Norman). I look forward to reading your book for a multitude of reasons.

    • I don’t notice or care – though am very glad to hear from you, now and always There’s a picture and stories of Norman in the book, of course. This is the first winter he has stayed up on the mountain with us – in the past we sent him and some of the other horses down to lower ground. Funny thing is, it’s much warmer up here than down there where the valley gets inversion and winds and fog and many days is twenty degrees colder than we are. Not to mention they get far better care here outside my kitchen window. In any case, Norman is doing fantastic and we love to have him with us. He could not care less about the cold and snow and keeps trudging out in two-feet deep snow and pawing with those big old feet of his and he thinks it all just fine. Those big feet are like snowshoes! He’s as sweet, loving, and caring towards people as ever. And I swear, bigger every year…

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