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Time to break out the champagne and have a toast! (The non-alcohol kind is just fine by me – I’ve a bottle of Welch’s sparkling chilling right now in a snow bank waiting for my sweetie to come home and celebrate with me.)

After years of working on this, working towards this, it’s finally happening. My first book is being published.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bob, for believing in me.
Forrest, for inspiring me.
The mountain, for letting me.

(and S&D for being 100%!)

For really this is about the mountain as much as it is about me. A love story, if you will, between us two.

And out there today in this big wide white silent open expanse of mountain and me and the barking dog (yeah, I know, so much for that silence…) once again I cried upon her and she did no more than let me and the tears became part of the snow, one more drop to feed my mighty Rio now soft and still encased by the early winter’s generous load.

These are my prayers.
Here is my religion.

Silently she takes me in
her cold embrace and tells me
The one thing I have she does not
I write for her

And somehow empowered, knowing I am not never will be alone, no, not here, for here I belong and she allows me to be and I have work to do for her, I tread home on clumsy snowshoes, the same ones I’ve worn for so many years and how many hundreds of miles, solitary but for a dog and the mountain.

And the big moon up early and almost full over Finger Mesa in front of me chimes in a silent refrain, so strong, so strong.

And together this is the song we sing, though I vaguely remember from where I learned it, way back when, upon my knees, weeding in a garden.

Humble yourself unto the Mountain
Gotta lay down low
Humble yourself unto the Mountain
Gotta know what you know
We shall lift each other up
Higher and higher and we
Shall lift each other up…




ice on old wood


snomo point


33 thoughts on “Yes!

  1. The beauty of your photos and words touches hearts. There is no doubt that the mountains brought this gift of a book to you. I’m so happy for you Gen.

  2. Gin,
    Not sure if you remember. But, when I read your thoughts in print. When I read of your lows and your highs. I think of this word. Grit. You and your family have Grit. I was able to make a fast trip to the area in Sept. I saw River Hill. I fear you will have to exhibit Grit. Many more times till the those nasty bugs run their course. All the best! Richard

    • I do remember, Richard, I have never forgotten (you used it when others had said lucky, which seemed so shallow) and think of that word sometimes when I need strength. Thank you…. Sincerely.

  3. Congratulations Gin! I’ll be standing in line to buy a copy – Then i’ll get you to sign it when we come up to stay at Lost Trails this summer. I’m so very proud of you


  4. CONGRATULATIONS, Gin!!!!!! :^) I am SO excited & happy for you!!!!! I know nothing about poetry or prose, except to note when the words paint a beautiful picture in my mind, and look pretty on the page….. Ignorant as I am, I am SO proud of YOU!!

    I do know a little bit more about photography though, and have noticed a change (they were always good!), and growth in the artistry of your photography as you post pictures here & there with your blog, etc. You really give me an Ansel Adams feel about the connection to your mountain (and family), through your magnificent, sharp, clear, emotion-filled photos.

    I hope you’ll illustrate your book with lots of your magnificent pictures!! (and please sign me up for the pre-pub sale!)

    Love, Margie :^)

    • Thank you so much, Margie! Thank you for noticing. I”m trying, working on it, and enjoying. I also got a new camera a year and half ago, and that truly makes a difference. So appreciate your support and friendship!

  5. Congratulations Gin!!! There was never a doubt in my mind that this day would come. So many emotions you’re going thru mainly happiness right now. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.


  6. And another congrats! lovely news. and? what is it exactly, a novel, a nonfiction essay of your beautiful place & lifestyle, or a photography book, or a poetry book, or a photo book with poems?
    I can see so many forms here.

  7. I knew it would be great news when I saw your post title! How wonderful! Congratulations Gin… can’t wait to read it as soon as we can!! Celebrate extra! :)

  8. Fantastic, Gin. Congratulations. Why on earth did I read this just before bedtime? Do I expect to sleep now?

    Thanks for this very uplifting news. I share in your celebration, dear friend. And I am not the least surprised.

    • I hope you slept well and had wonderful dreams, Amy. I thought that is what would happen here. Only then you start worrying – about typos, sales, marketing, cover design, what if it never sells or the critics hate it… Darn brains. I need to trust and lighten up and be grateful. Really, that I am!

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