Of mind and mountain.


wild thing


pole mountain


And then the roar
a deep guttural sound
rumbling the rocks of the frozen sides of

mountain above the river

slowly emerging
from beneath the snow
that falls in hopes of quieting

Mountain and mind
but neither will be subdued
And so I run

slow in deep snow
wild best unleashed
fiery wrath uncontained

By civilization and obligation

and so what more shall we do than let ourselves

wild and naked and free
in the world we build

each for ourselves
our own heaven or hell
how loud do you beat your drum?

oh so quiet
in this little (cold) white world I live in
Now… give me a cloudy day

a sky full of passion, pain and promise
There is no depth in this dazzling blue
I stop

listen for the voice of the wilds

The trees, the wind, the river
under the early winter’s load of ice and snow
This is story I now must tell

Leaving egos and self importance and pity
Buried beneath the heavy load of ice and snow
Screaming to be heard

and the voices I will whisper
when the moon is dark
and I’m out there on a cloudless night

with no more than the trees
to shelter me
but maybe you’re there too.


breakfast in snow


river runs under a washed up log


december cinquefoil in snow


snow horse


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