Places like this.


rock face on finger mesa



looking up west lost trail


There are days I must wander
and wonder where and why
and keep going only

to find
myself at
places like this

and then
it all comes together or perhaps
no longer matters

just becomes
a matter of trust
and I go along no matter

how far and how hard and how hungry.
And my eyes cloud with tears and
the wilds tease and the wind

embraces and the mountain leads
me to where I do not know
but I trust and my dog follows and we go

and there we are.
And really,
I ask you,

my friend,
what matters


best hiking buddy ever


the upper rio grande







2 thoughts on “Places like this.

  1. I can feel it. Thank you for sharing this incredible day with us! The mountains have a way of healing and touching us in ways I cannot explain. And I understand when you say, “What Matters More?” Nothing.

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