Turn Around


tres and pink elephants




indian paintbrush


Finally the sound of children laughing.  Families out playing.  I didn’t forget.  This is good stuff.

Life as normal.   You might say.  Though maybe not.  Back on track?  Or is that backwards?  Maybe I’m ready to jump tracks.   Again.

The road is open, guests are here, leisure people in the distance sitting around with cocktails and chatter, the miller moths have hatched, this is the worst season for horse and deer flies we remember, and afternoon thunderstorms drive us and the flies to shelter. We’re finally heading off to work at the ditch, the horses are fit and shiny, the grass is green, the road is muddy, and a fire in the woodstove feels pretty good right about now.

The forest fires are out, fire ban lifted, the crews have packed up and left, the rains are plentiful.

These are the cold hard facts.  Pretty nice, I’d say. Now it’s only rumors still spreading like wildfire. Get over it and don’t drink the KoolAid.  No need to preach doomsday here.  Nor do I want to hear blind optimism and see shallow smiles.  Get real.  Look around.  This one’s over.  What’s next?  In the meanwhile, get to work and stay out of trouble.  Best advice I can turn to. That’s all I need to do right now.

We’re off to the ditch.  Nothing like good hard work to cure the blues.  This is about as good and hard as it gets.

The book on Ginny and the time in Argentina, by the way, was completed two days ago. I love deadlines.  There will be some revisions, modifications, refinements.  Hopefully not too much.  I want it real, raw, and most of all, a fun read and an inspiring story.  I think that’s what we’ve got here.

Now it’s back to the Ditch Diaries.  What are we into now, Year Seven?

Until next week…

Sending love and light from these wet wild hills.



orange aspen leaves


rainbow and heavy sky




4 thoughts on “Turn Around

  1. Amongst all of it, you wrote. Wow, Gin. Congratulations on the finish. Hope the editing goes well. We all handle it so differently, but it sounds as though you have attained the flavour you wanted.

    Betcha all of God’s creatures are exhaling as the wounds are washed and encouraged.

  2. I was randomly rummaging through BLOGs, ran into yours, and stopped. The words and images were the reason for the brief respite and so I thought I would say thanks for a moment of reflection and civility. Thanks!

  3. great post…relief and such beauty….excited about the book…adelante, hermosa…love and more…ginny pearl

    On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 11:53 AM, GinGetz.com

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