Deeper into the dragonfly’s den



(I am trying to capture the rich essence of this beautiful woman… a work in progress)


We are packing up once again, and beginning the next stage of this journey.  Away from the Chakra on the edge of town, the noise, distractions, visitors, Ginny’s Embassy, Gin’s hosteleria and café.  Tomorrow we all head to the higher country.  Farewell to the song of a hundred roosters and a thousand barking dogs.  An exaggeration, no doubt, but I swear that’s what it sounds like at six in the morning. And by seven, the sound of hammers, saws, tractors, local music, flocks of parrots, and horses outside my window nickering for me to feed.  The latter is the only sound I am used to.

I have forgotten the ability to filter noise.  Back in the day, long ago, when last did I live in a town? And then have lived where the sound of a passing plane twenty  thousand feet overhead is enough to pull me from the table and out the front door to see who is here.

Now again, we return to quieter days, simpler ways, and that is where my creativity blooms.  Time to allow the writing to flow at the river we will now reside beside.  Not, for now, our Mighty Rio Grande, so many miles away and tucked safely and silently under a growing blanket of winter snow.  No, here, I shall begin to know the rio Trocoman, and feel the land of which my dear Ginny is a part.

We go without great expectations, only desires to connect with this river, this land, and to focus on the work that has drawn us here.

I will keep you posted.  In the meanwhile, for more information (and for those with the desire for peace, tranquility and life on a private and pristine stretch of a Patagonia river… the place is available for rent!) please see

Until then… admittedly I know not when “then” will be though I do know we will be without internet and electricity… I share love and light from the upside down side of the world from which I came.  And from where I stand, here and now, it feels very much right side up.



5 thoughts on “Deeper into the dragonfly’s den

  1. Like you, I do my best thinking and creating in places of silence. I’m so happy for you to be making this journey. If we allow, each new step in life reaches parts of our heart that need illumination.

  2. Great title, Gin. Good that you’ve had stages in which to orient. May the folds of soul lift easily and explode in creative description.

    Through warmer winter temperatures, I look through fog out my livingroom window and wonder about your lad. Over the Harbour, over sea traffic and even over Vancouver, I imagine him happily distracted by sharp learning curves and all the noise of youth.

    Does Gunnar know Spanish yet?

  3. Safe travels to you. As always, I love following your journeys (all kinds). I especially love this picture for some reason. She looks like she could be a relative of yours.

  4. I came back to enlarge the pictures of both of you. Skookum women, woot??!! I’d love to teleport in for a mate! When I next have “clearance”, I’m going to see if I can be with you two in some fashion. Even just “sense” a visit.

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