Unworthy of a title yet

I am learning how much I have to learn and it’s often rather frustrating.

Harold, I am trying.  I have a ways to go.  Please don’t give up just yet.  Here, imagine the format like a waltz as I tried to type it, one-two-three, as I saw it done by William Carlos Williams. But somehow it is lost.  I won’t fight it.  Accept it.  Hope this works, though not quite the same.  Of course it would not be. Perhaps it wouldn’t work the way I indended either.

For Bob who thinks it’s always “nice” and is learning to say more.


Unworthy of a title yet

a love poem
a first for me
words we just assume
and so I tell you what I should have said
and maybe I will not
for I think you already know
without saying
with feeling
something in trust
pride and assumptions
I am more whole with you
I am more of me
because of you
you let it be all me
when I need it to be
which really is far too often I say
and you say nothing at all
and let me rattle on
which I will do no matter
today was one of those days
I’m really up and down
I have always thought
the curse of the creative mind
passion puts one
out of balance
it comes in waves
swelling and curling and pounding
and drawing back to low tide
then again
maybe it’s just me
I’m sorry
poise is nothing I have known
stability does not come easy
that’s one of the reasons I need you 
you are the rock to my rushing waters
today was a tide drawn out day
leaving the stench of the barren beach in the wake
tomorrow I will be better
and this much I do believe
tomorrow I will love you still
though I may only say so
in the darkness as our sweat cools together
and we are there tired front by side
which is exactly where I want to be
more complete because of you
funny how I am not afraid
when I always thought I should be
less of me and more of you

7 thoughts on “Unworthy of a title yet

  1. This is totally beautifully awesome Gin. What a blessing to feel such and be such with your partner, your love, your spouse, your friend.
    The parts about you as an individual is much like myself, yet I am without another, the other part of me.
    Thank you for sharing such a special part of yourself and your love.

  2. Always tell your love of your feelings .Just showing it is good but they need to hear it also .Your poem tells your feelings .If I were Bob I would read it every morning to start my day off right .Also with a kiss and a “I Love You “.It may not be thought of as manly but the only one a man has to answer to is himself .Love ones can be lost in a second .Make every minute with your partner in life count .

  3. Gin, I envision Bob tucking a copy of this in his shirt pocket in hopes it will soak in more easily if he carries it next to his heart! :) What a gift. Honore de Balzac wrote something like – to speak of love is to make love. This is another form of cooling sweat, surely!

    Your poem makes me say, I want to feel this! I want to want to say this!

    When you learn about that rhythm in poetry, please teach me!

Thank you for your interest in Gin's writing.

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