The nitty gritty

Here’s the deal.   Last fall, we packed up and moved out, leaving the home and business we built, saw the son off to college, and Bob and I flew the coop together instead of wallowing in our empty nest.  Took a few months away from blogging to finish a separate writing project.  Then suddenly I reappear only to say, “Guess what?  I’m moving again!”


Back where I came from.

I would tell you life is all about change.  Perhaps it is for me.  For now.  Of course it won’t always be.  This is my challenge. What is yours?

Friend and author, Laura Crum, reminds me, “…the still pond is not always stagnant. Sometimes it is clear as crystal and of an unimaginable depth.”

I remind her I have not been so lucky.  I am no Wendell Berry who has “never not known where (he) belonged.”  Some of us were not born in the place where we were meant to stay.  We have our work cut out for us in a different way.  Our lives are not about diving into the still quiet depths in the world around us, but in learning to find it within us while the world around us spins…

And yes, I do get dizzy and wait for this thing called life to slow down.  I too shall allow deep roots to take and spread some day, though the land on which they grow will be my choice and challenge, as finding it seems to be.

There is not one right way.  As I responded to Laura, “…points of view bring further wisdom if one is willing to listen (or read).”

For now, a few specifics. The nitty gritty.

First, about blogging.  I am glad to be back. Back to the blog, that is. Back at the ranch, well, that remains to be seen and is still a week or so away.  Though I think you can imagine how I might feel when we arrive.

I have missed this form of writing, sharing, bouncing ideas and receiving your feedback, not to mention the opportunity of keeping in touch with many of you. So, back to blogging.  To bouncing ideas and pushing myself to get my work out there, even if it is rough and rustic and falling apart at the edges.  At least I’m trying, writing, growing, evolving as a writer, slowly but surely.  Pushing myself.  I’m keen on pushing myself.  For now, I’ll try to post at least three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Check back regularly; there should be something new.

Second, where we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going.  Well, this is a little more complicated.  I’ll sum it up by saying we’re in northern Washington State, somewhere between the edge of the Methow Valley and the North Cascade mountains. And we’re going back to our Lost Trail Ranch in Colorado. The rest of the story will come out in due time.

And third, what the heck are we doing with our life?

I’m not so sure what our plans are for the future, though we’re not running the cabin rental business anymore and the outfitting business is changing hands.  Time for us to move on with the rest of our lives and find our next calling. (No offence to y’all, but this one has been fulfilled.)  Still just a whisper, but I’m thinking it will turn into a song before you know it.

Where to next?

For now, we’ll stay firmly planted with our feet in the clouds.  We’re sticking to our land in Colorado, way high up in the San Juan Mountains and figure things out from there. We are oddly excited. Nervous as young lovers. Butterflies in our stomachs.  I just caught Bob whistling a John Denver tune. (Don’t tell him I told you that.)

So you see, same place we were, but everything has changed.  Life is like that. Guess it all comes down to how you look at things.  Right now I’m looking at a still pond that is very, very deep.  Only it’s not the land.  It’s me.  So I am learning.

Thanks for checking in.  See you Monday.

14 thoughts on “The nitty gritty

  1. YAAAAAY! I mourned a bit when you moved, since Creede (and surrounding) owns a piece of me…Though we have never personally met, I feel like you are moving back closer to me. I am so excited, Gin! Hugs!

  2. Ginny,

    Of course you are moving. We all are, even if it is just in our minds. I know that you two find a way of life that works well for you. I am sure that Forrest is pleased, too. But that is not the most important thing for you. He is moving on with his own journey.

    All three daughters came to visit me here in Chicago last weekend. They came without their families. They acted like teenagers and we had a very good time going over family made art work…they even took some home.

    I lookf forward to reading your blogs


  3. Minna, so good to hear from you. And what a smile I got envisioning your daughters acting like kids again… just enjoying time together and with you. Wonderful! I can imagine my sister and I doing the same.

    And thank you too for sharing your words of wisdom and insight, for they are both appreciated and understood.

    We will remain in touch, I am sure, and I am grateful.

  4. I really enjoy your writing, Gin, and enjoy exchanging insights with you. I’m sure you are being led in exactly the way you are meant to go. I will be excited to read about your path.

    • Laura, our conversations have inspired me to consider more clearly a sort of self definition. Beautiful that our paths might be so different on some level, so close on another. And in crossing, both I hope are richer and more full for having the chance to meet the other, if only through words (and the internet, of course!).

  5. Gin, All of us search for somthing key in our lives. Some find it early, others later. And in the process, oh the process, we learn much about our selves. If one is lucky, we find a soulmate to search with us. You have found yours in Bob. That is a major accomplishment!

    And this is all the insight this guy has today. I feel blessed to read the wisdom from you and the other ladies here.

    Where are the guys?

    • Al, your insight about my finding Bob to travel this journey with is oh so right! How crazy wonderfully lovingly lucky I am indeed!

      That’s plenty of insight and the most important kind of stuff. How’s that for simple but true words?

      And you’re right… those guys? Silent sorts???? I’m guessing just shy because I know at least a few are reading :)

  6. Oh Jen, soooo glad to hear from you. My heart has been telling me for a long time that you should go back to the Lost Trail. It is precious and your spirits belong there. I feel it and know it in my heart more than I can say it in words. Much love to you all . Tom Ann

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