And letting go

And then it
is over

tucked away so neatly for the season

Not unlike
the box of shiny ornaments in the attic from the Christmas tree

The white
peaks surround, a reminder like left over wrapping papers and ribbons

Scattered still
in the corners of the room.

Somehow we
sense she is finally through

What we have

The givens,
assumptions, the safety of knowing

Is suddenly

The bottom
dropped out from under

Searching for
solid ground

When we were
so used to walking on feet of snow

We are left

Surprised to
find ourselves suddenly without

The habit of
heavy boots and zipped up parkas

As I head
out in morning to feed the horses

Who too are
finally letting go of their winter coats.

We leave
behind the wilds of winter

Easing into
summer so civilized with folks living for cocktail hour

And we may
never see it again.

6 thoughts on “And letting go

    • Thank you, Ann. Money should not stop you from being where you want to be. Consider all the options – there are always more than you think… feel free to brainstorm – I’ve a bit of experience learning to look beyond the usual boundaries. Get creative! Reach out…

    • Well, you won’t find that here either, Al. I’m still here to make a living, and it’s been a long time since bartending was my work. Can’t say I much miss it.

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