Holding on

Winter won’t let go.

Seems like snow most every day.  This morning, no more than a soft dusting across meadow and hillside, fine white lace along the still bare branches of the Aspen and the needles of the Blue Spruce.  Temperatures are only a fraction below freezing.  My peas still have not come up.  I wonder now if they will.  Or are they no more than a gift to the soil, a trial run, and will I start anew in another week when the forecast promises more sun.

Winter, but a memory, lingering, holding on, grasping to what was, what could have been.  My last one here. I find myself caught between holding on and letting go.

A snowball tossed from the morning snow onto bare ground where the sun has already touched, only to melt before mid day.  As if it never were.

4 thoughts on “Holding on

  1. I’m sitting here reading your post amazed at your account of the weather. The days are almost at their longest yet the mountain throws more snow at you. Perhaps now she is saying “it’s time to move on”, like a wise (if abrupt) parent pushing her now grown offspring out into the wide world?

  2. Gin,

    Hope winter and snow have let go a lot by now. Those peas up yet? Don’t give up on them.

    Last Wednesday we had 8 tornados over the DFW area and hail up to 3.7 inches. Today it is about 94 degrees. So summer is here for sure. I have a flat of annual salvias I need to get out ASAP.

    Your bougainvillea is growing like a weed in its new pot and should be blomming shortly. Your rose hasn’t stopped blooming.

    Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.


    • I’m giving up… no, never, but I may have to replant. Finally, two days ago, spring came. Days with nothing but sun and popcorn clouds floating in that cliche blue bird sky, and temps reaching sixty. But I fear it came too late for those peas. Some day not too far from now, Al, I may request you propogate a branch of the Awakening Rose that I may try to grow and flower with us in Washington. Ah, a lovely thought. Please be careful with the tornados, the wind and fire, the flooding and droughts, the crazy weather that this spring is pouring forth.

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