Sometimes it seems it is all about connection.
Connections growing, holding on to established ones, clinging to the ones we had and fear are slipping away, and longing for ones we do not have.
Connection to each other, our family and friends, our dreams and goals and aspirations, the land.
It often comes back to the land, though our society seems less connected; a void left unfulfilled.
And suddenly we begin to care from where our food comes, or about the change of color of a once green hillside now red and brown from beetle kill, or recognize the subtle sound of a single trout upon an otherwise still evening pool after catching the last fly of the day.
A forgotten connection on the surface deeper than we will ever erase.

4 thoughts on “Connections

    • Said by she who does know where her food comes from, and proves simple and good food for many others as well… thanks, Maggie, and thanks, Karen, too.

  1. this speaks to so many levels of connection and i like where it “lands” :) we need to keep a bit of dirt under the nails and a real solid sense of how precious it all is. i was so happy our lil mostly republican town succombed to organic, non-gmo influence and started a shop for the weirdo dirt/earth/body lovers in town. you’re right there in my heart gin…

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