The Last of the Living Blue Cover


Hi friends. Here are a couple of neat opportunities for getting a free copy of my next book, the soon to be released The Last of the Living Blue!

First, my publisher, Sammie of NorLights Press, is offering a release day promotion.  For the first ten people who contact her directly, she will send a hard copy of the paperback book in exchange for posting a review.

Please write Sammie at

Second, GoodReads is running a Giveaway from now through the first of July.  You can sign up by following this link, but remember, you have to be a member of GoodReads to enter.

Reviews are so essential for spreading the word, and we’re pretty certain this book is going to be a great one.  So the more copies of the book we can get out there, and reviews coming in, the better for us all.




Less than a week away!

Have you read the first book yet?

(You can order it here on Amazon, or better yet, please support your local bookstores!)

Good luck, and happy reading!


gunnar and rikki~

iris under pole~


PS.  A quick note and afterthought on Reviews.

Reviews matter. They are important numbers our industry (books/publishing) base our success upon.  They help other readers find books, choose books.  But they need not be elaborate or fancy.  Some are. That’s great.  Some aren’t.  And that’s great too.  Not everyone wants to read a long one (or write a long one).  Although those long one do help the curious book explorer understand their selection well, those short and to the point ones matter too.  One of my favorites, from reviewer Lisa:  “Damn good read.”  That works for me!


6 thoughts on “Giveaways!

  1. I wrote Sammie too! Already miss Lost Trail and Colorado. Thank you for everything. Love the pic of Rikki and Gunnar

  2. I have begun reading my copy…….and I’m completely enthralled. As a nature fanatic, your words paint a completely captivating, organic, real, emotionally laced picture of your personal wilderness. I don’t need photographs. Your words take me there. I’m walking with you and your dog into the beyond. Oh….and I’ll bring along my horse, Punchy, for longer treks!

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