Thank you!!!!


snow on aspen


A big warm hug and a huge hearty THANK YOU to the 25 brave and generous souls, the “volunteer victims” that agreed to read and review The Color of the Wild.  Thank you so much, each and every one of you.  I sincerely hope you enjoy, and I am truly honored to have your help.

After hearing from readers, writers, friends, friends of friends from such varied backgrounds, interests and all over the world, I am convinced of two things. First, there are some great people out there, and I am mighty lucky to know a few!  Second, people do read.  Books are not dead. Changing, maybe.  But reading, and readers, are plentiful.  Competition may be fierce, there might be a ka-zillion books in print, but there are also a ka-zillion enthusiastic readers.  In whatever form one chooses, e-books or paper, people are still reading and love their books.  I am glad to see this.  Not just selfishly for me, but for our society.  I can’t imagine missing out on the pleasure of reading. Long live the written word and the art of sharing a good story.


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9 thoughts on “Thank you!!!!

    • Thank you so much, Ann. I hope good craziness there with you, even if it is just in your head. Remember what you and I both have said. Something about a little bit crazy is okay, probably even necessary. Write on my e-mail if you need to vent. Hoping for the best.

  1. Is there any place that I can buy or order your book .I have been waiting a long time for you to publish a book .I have started to put down our family history on tape and then I will write it out .You are young and will get better as you go .All I can do is put down what I remember .Keep at it .Never quit .
    You will make your dreams come true .

    • The book is available for pre-order on Amazon, but I will write my publisher and see if we can’t have a copy sent to you. We “met” I think in my first month of my High Mountain Muse blog back – what is that now – five years ago? – and have been friends ever since. I’ll write and let you know what I can do, Don.

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