6 thoughts on “Above the fire

  1. Gin, as with you, this makes me sick. You have a lot more at stake though, and I just have memories and dear friends there, like you, Bob, and Forrest. And Rocky and Pat at LS. Guess they got hit, but I haven’t heard the damage report yet. Know that I am thinking about you guys every day. Al

  2. Truly appreciate the view through your heart and eyes, Gin. Well crafted and informative.

    I remember going to Yellowstone just after the big fire. Devastation…wildlife would cringe and look up when they heard a helicopter – conditioned by being drenched with water. I wondered how long it would take to come back.

    Then a year or so later, Life magazine put out an article. Photos of trees popping through the ground. Wildflowers and other flora not seen for years astonished the park’s staff. Then a photo of a charred mother bird on the ground – taken by a park staff member. After taking the photo, he nudged the dead body with his toe AND TWO CHICKS TODDLED OUT FROM UNDER EACH WING. I still choke up even thinking about it.

    Yes, nature looks after its own. But the process is terrifying to those of us rendered powerless.

    Still praying for your safety. Keep thinking abundance, Gin, even though it feels impossible.

  3. Thank goodness u are all ok…I was starting to be even more concerned….we all needed your post!!! wow—lots for u all to consider,,,remember the Trocoman awaits u…Tim steely leaves in sept. Nobody wants him back. You know we are here for you.

    Love and blessings for your safety!!! Ginny xxxooo

    FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE—–SMILE. u must as u will feel better. “There are no mistakes, only new opportunities” Adelante, dear ones!

    On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 10:19 AM, GinGetz.com

  4. Dear Gen,
    I am Eryn Wintz’ mom. My family has a small cabin in Bristol Head Acres. I’ve been coming to Creede for 56 years. It is in my blood and that’s probably initially how Eryn came to love it. Your blog is heart wrenching and beautiful. It has allowed me to “see” what is happening up there more deeply than anything I’ve read or seen elsewhere. Thank you. I hope to meet you when I’m out this summer – if I’m allowed to come, I want to be there in August and Sept. I am retiring and the promise of Creede is the light that has kept me going for many years. Now it is threatened and I feel so helpless. Just know that your words and photos are helping me understand at a gut level. I am praying for the wellbeing of you, your family, all your critters, and all of Creede. Thank you so very much. Cathy Ledeker

  5. To all who have written, here or to me directly, your words, stories and support mean so much to me, to my boys, to other readers, and I thank you sincerely. This is indeed a time to reach out and be there for each other.

    Remember this: we are ok. Please send your prayers to those on the front line, the firefighters, emts, trained support and officials who are risking their lives to keep us all safe. Last I heard, no homes have been lost. Over 90,000 acres taken, and no homes. That is amazing. Be proud of them, support them, send them your prayers, especially when the winds become erratic and the flames crown and jump.

    And on a personal note of response, Cathy, you have one wonderful daughter, and I would be pleased to have the opportunity to meet you when you come later in the season when all this mess is over with for now. Consider this an open invitation to lunch up this way! I shall look forward to it. (Al – please let me know if you’ll be up in August too!)

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