Mother to mother

finger mesa


moss rock water ice


You await your god to give you his blood
while we bleed ours onto the earth
and pour four tears
In times of drought

The blindness of being
of choosing to see only
the last green tree
In forest of falling needles

Like the mother who has two children
and after the first one dies
remains happy
Because the other lives

If I choose hope
I am off the hook

As if optimism were a fair replacement
For truth


last of open waters


ready for snow


6 thoughts on “Mother to mother

    • Like with Karens point we need hope… I wonder which creates more positive change in this world – hope or truth? Or is the balance of the two. See, wish, and be willing to take a stand.

        • Hope as the soothing balm. The blanket that keeps us warm while the world around us freezing. In this view, only if it stimulates action is it much more than selfish. Is hope the call to action, or is truth? There may be a balance of the two for a true call to action.

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