Yesterday, today, tomorrow

A wonderful weekend working with and learning from photographer and teacher Bob Seago (   No time now to review all the lessons learned and photos taken, but I’ll briefly share a few.

How lucky (yes, this is luck!) to have such an opportunity way out here.  The writer within me is envious.  For there I could use help, guidance, encouragement – but how does one find that, force that, improve one’s writing except by… writing?  The rejections weigh heavy; the confidence grows thin; hope flickers.  At some point, one finds it hard to rely solely on one’s own dream, and one hopes for a teacher, a mentor, or a lucky break.  Who knows if one of those will come my way?  In the meanwhile, I write. What else can one do?

Plan B.  If all else fails, you can be a ditch digger.  Classic “Caddy Shack” wisdom.

So, there you go.  Today, we return to ditch camp.


8 thoughts on “Yesterday, today, tomorrow

    • Thank you… They were taken up the west slope of Finger Mesa across from the Ute Creek Trailhead and the Weminuche Wilderness. Headwaters of the Rio Grande in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

  1. Headwaters of the Rio Grande… whenever I’ve mentioned the Rio Grande to someone, they think Texas. They have no clue it begins in Colorado. Recent reports in a book, When Rivers Run Dry, tell about the dried up Rio Grande in the sw Texas area that farmers have to deal with.
    You are lucky, apparently, to still see all that water, clean water. And to have it on your own land!
    If writing does not work for you, and self-publishing isn’t what you want to do, you could be the next Ansel Adams! These photos are stunning.

  2. Hi Gin, I know what you mean about all those rejections. It can be dispiriting. Most often it’s the stubborn pioneer within me that keeps me going, and sometimes the perfectionist that likes to adjust and polish. I ended up enrolling with a university professor for some coaching. She helped with my writing and did provide honest feedback. One can write beautifully and about socially relevant things, but if the public wants sordid tales about sadomasochistic bankers then that is what publishers will buy. I was advised that sometimes publishing online can be a way for more niche material to find enough of an audience that publishers take note.

  3. I love the picture of the Rio Grand Pyramid. Is there a horseback trail into that basin? Also what trail do you use to go into the ditch camp? Hope it didn’t rain too much on you.


  4. Never give up on your writing .Your photos are as good as any I have seen .By connecting your writing and photos maybe another Ansel Adams only with a story line .Think about that !!!

  5. You ARE a beautiful writer. Don’t let someone tell you differently. We love to read anything that you write! We’re glad you’re back.

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