Bragging rights




I’ve been waiting a long time for this.  Years.  So long, in fact, I think I’ve earned the right to brag about it.

A new camera!

This is big news.  For me.  Might not be the exciting news you were hoping for (and I’m still working on…).

I am learning that a good camera does not make a good photographer.  But it sure won’t hurt.  And hopefully, you’ll see an improvement in my photos.  Please let me know…

So, in description (and defense) of the “taken in the bathroom mirror trick” photos above, please excuse the lack of originality in method, and concentrate if you will on the object of this discussion.  The cameras.

Here’s what I had:  A Canon PowerShot SD780.  And don’t get me wrong.  I love it.  It has served me well and managed to make all the pictures you’ve been seeing from me over the past several years.  Of course I’m keeping it.  It fits in my pocket and is easy to carry everywhere, including when I’m horseback.  But…

Here’s the new deal:  A Canon EOS Rebel T3i EOS 600D with a EF-ee-250mm f/4-5.6 IS lens.  Wow.  I call it the Big Guns.  And no, it neither fits in my pocket nor around my neck comfortably when I’m horseback.  It is much larger… but there is no mistaking… much better. Already I am so impressed and intrigued by the depth, contrast, life and detail…  So much to learn, and so much fun learning…

I’ll be curious if you see an improvement in my work over time.  Once I learn to use this thing, for as many of you know who already have good cameras, the simple days and ways of point and shoot are over.  There are all kinds of buttons and settings and controls and adjustments on this.  It’s going to take me a while to figure this out.

So, off to figure a few more mysteries of this complicated (for me) little piece of machinery.  And back to working on the next bit of good news.  Because like waiting around for luck to fall in my lap, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen so easily.  At least it’s never been that way for me.

Go ahead, call me lucky!  Maybe that will help.

6 thoughts on “Bragging rights

  1. You will do fine .I think the photos you have takrn in the past will be hard to improve on .I just got rid of all my old Canon AE1 cameras (2) with about 6 lenses all the way from 35mm to 1000 mm and so much equipment I had to use a bag on wheels .I got a simple Sony digital which I got for selling when I was working .It has been in a box for a while .As I learn to use it I get good pictures with little work and it fitts into a small case .All I need now is a long variable lense .You just keep taking your picures and writing .If the new camera works better all the better .It must be like Christmas coming early .Just keep the old one handy for those quick shots . Happy Shooting

  2. My better half has the same camera and she loves it. She is still learning how to use it too. The quality is amazingly noticable in the shots. Im sure you will enjoy it. She takes pictures of the Texas country side and what it has to offer. She said she looks forward to shooting the scenery from Lost Trails to over Stoney Pass this August. The top of Timber Hill is amazing!
    Enjoy your new tool and keep sending pictures.

  3. Congratulations Gin! I know how exciting it can be to get a new camera.
    A couple years ago I moved up from my little pocket size digital, to a Nikon Coolpix 90 and I love it.

    Enjoy your new one.

  4. Thanks, all! A quick update. So far, I’m finding the quality, as Ricky’s wife noted, is vastly noticable. I love that. I do have so much to learn, and look forward to the process – thanks to lessons with a pro coming up next weekend, and learning all I can from Tomek next month. And yes, Don… I’ll still need the old one for quick shots, for this one requires I stop, removed the lens cap, choose settings, adjust distance, focus, etc…. really, set up each shot. Better results, but I’m slow! More updates to follow… hopefully visible in my work. Yes, Ann, it is exciting, as you know! Such simple pleasures… though maybe this one is not so simple.

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