Take a break!

My dear readers,

I am taking a brief break in posting while I’m completing another writing project. But before I sign off for a little hiatus, I believe a brief “thank you” is in order. A thank you to my readers – especially those who have been with me for years, who I now feel I know intimately though many I have never met.

(I always say I write to be read, to express, reach out and share. Not just to get the words out of my head. Though sometimes it feels like the latter.)

My gratitude is sincere though my ability to express it might be a bit lacking.

While I’m off for a while working on my “other” writing project, please continue to keep in touch, through this blog or by writing me directly. I’ll be here. Writing, and reading, and as always, thinkin’ and dreamin’.

For now, I leave you with a list below of a few of my favorite posts written over the years, just in case you have a few minutes to share here with me a while over a good cup of strong coffee.


The Night the Chicken Blew Away
Moving the Little Cabin by the Big River and a few words about Hillbilly Ingenuity
Untitled (The death of Artemis)
Grains of Sand
Losing the Bull
The Homestead Bear
Grill Chicken
Ditch Diaries
On Truth
Lucky Girl
More on the Fear Factor
Two Poems by Two Special People
About Not Getting Lost

From a New Perspective
Cowgirl Up
An Open Letter to My Son
Seduced by Earth and Sky

2 thoughts on “Take a break!

    • Thank you, Don. I remember reading your comment the first time you wrote, where I was sitting, early winter in 09 I believe, and shall always be grateful to have “met” you through this blog. I hope you and your wife are well and enjoying winter warm together.

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