My side of the mountain

Lost and found
I lose myself in my big back yard
Consumed by her presence
I’ve become almost comfortable
Such stances dull the senses
Noted as I languidly lie back on her still warm hillside
And breathe for but a moment between bursts of vigor
Bouts of anger and so much still to do before I leave.

Soul food
She has fed me from her flesh of rock and soil
Nurtured me with her cutting wild wind
Filled my belly with raging storm and thundering tempest
When the earth and sky merge together as one
And quenched my seemingly insatiable thirst for wide and white and wild
Then let loose her uncontrolled wrath of waters in spring
When no one else would stand by her side
As if she were no more than a shallow sunny summer face.

She showed me her subtle still side
Her dark side
Deep side
I dove in
Where the sun dips behind her mid afternoon silhouette and her skin turns frigid in a flash
And the world is a blinding white and black and blue
Or the brown grey cold wet simple season of spring
That no one cares to see
Her seemingly ugly side
A raw face before the fanciful adornment of warmth and leaves and light.

Now she is stripped bare
As tourists turn their backs for a warmer ease
The elk for lower ground
Foliage for their resting place on the leeward side of bunch grass
Surrendered for the season in tired tangled and torn tan mounds
Or deep in the woods beneath the silent silver trees awaiting their blanket of snow
And the geese begin to congregate on the delta flats
Their final farewell sounded by loud squawking that carries up the side of the freezing mountain
Two miles or more as I stand on the front porch and hold my breath to listen.

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