After the early snow clears

Forget Part Two.

I have pages and pages of drafts of stories to tell you, explanations of why ultimately I decided to keep the man and leave the land. But none of it really matters. Maybe it should. But not now. Now when I read it, it holds me back. To the past, to the place, to the same and safe and known and often times things I’d rather never were.

So I’m moving on. I’m leaving that behind. Yes, just like that. And yes, I’m scared. But scared won’t stop me.

One thought on “After the early snow clears

  1. Good for you! Don’t throw it away, though, just tuck it away somewhere to look at in the future…if even years from now so you can look and see how far you’ve come. Just like Willie tells the kids at the advocacy centers, you can do anything you set your mind to!

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