So I guess it’s time to go.
Again.  No, not quite as hard the
second time.  It will get easier.  It’s all in my head. In my heart, I am nothing
but pleased and proud.

And so Forrest has healed from the concussion, has more
character from his broken nose, and has learned to live with those missing and
cracked off teeth.  Though even they will
be replaced before I see him next. Yes. He has healed.

(We laugh at it now, he and I. I
told him to dive in.  He did.  Head first.)

This is what he does. There will be other times. I’ll be
there for him again, hopefully faster next time.  Just as I know he’d be there for me.

Me, I’m starting to day dream about riding horses through a
trail of golden leaves.  There are certain
things I miss.  My dog, my horses, familiar
trails, the resonance of the late season river sounding as if no more than a
gentle brook, evening light spread horizontal across the top of the poles of
Pole Mountain, long shadows through dark timber and blowing yellow leaves like
fairies loose in my wild woods dancing at my heels.  And at the top of the list is, of course, my

Ha!  Home? We have
work to do.  Always. But different this
time. Time to pack, clean up, clean out, head out, move on. I am ready. Perhaps
I too am healing.

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