It rains soft and temperate
On thawed soil
For the first time in seven months.
The sound on the hard deck
On metal roof
On ground still bare and brown
Startles the sleeping dog
Used to the silence of the snow.
We step out to soak in the odor
Short lived sweet smell
Evoking memories of running through puddles
On pavement
Somewhere far away in suburbia.
The easy release and laughter have followed me here
Will follow wherever I am.
I have yet to outrun the rain.

6 thoughts on “Rain

  1. May we never outrun the rain…I love the sound of rain on the roof, it seems to surround me and makes me feel safe and comforted.

  2. Isn’t our love-hate relationship with rain strange? I look at the sky before walking to the station to take a train to work. But I love to listen to the patter of rain on the roof as I lie in bed at night. Then it’s as if we have been sent something good, a blessing that will make the grass and crops grow.

    I remember riding through the woods after rain, long ago, far away in Moldavia. That shower animated the most wonderful fragrance, a perfume that seemed to embody the very essence of woodland. I’ll never forget it. In such moments wonder rises up and engulfs us in her loving challenging embrace.

    • Julian, your words and writing so capture a dreamy mood and paint a misty picture, quite remarkable, in your comments, and on your site. I can see, smell, feel that rain in Moldavia… and like you, I imagine, thankful for the imagery, and thankful not to be there now.

  3. Aloha, Gin! We really enjoy your web site, and have a vested interest in your postings about the weather. We are building a cabin this year at the former site of the “Shop/Shower House” at the Village At Sky Hi. Our construction crew is planning on coming in to begin forming the foundation during the first week in May. Is there a way we can contact you, perhaps outside of the “Reply” forum, to find out what the road and weather conditions are in the area? We understand that things change pretty quickly in the high country, but would appreciate an ability to communicate with you in (more or less) real time. Thanks so much! Robert P. Smith, Volcano, Hawaii (where Hawaiian’s have a least four different words for various types of “rain”, and we get about 100 inches a year at our ranch)!

    • Hi Robert, thanks for writing, and we look forward to meeting you soon. Yes, of course, please feel free to write any time directly (either gingetz at gmail.com, or losttrailranch at gmail.com). Currently, it is snowy and sloppy and that all can change in a day, so please don’t hesitate to write any time.

      And fascinating, too, four words for rain… On the High Mountain Musing site, I questioned why we don’t have more words for “storm” – for that which we have in winter and summer are so very different. With 100 inches a year, I imagine you have an intimate understanding of rain. Bet it is beautiful!

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