5 thoughts on “Remains.

  1. Beautiful images Gin, words too. I think the last photograph is my favorite. I have been meaning to ask you. What camera brand and type do you use. I have a lovely point and shoot camera that I really do love but I am starting to bump up against its limits where close ups are concerned. Starting to do some data collection and thought I would check with you.

    • I’m passionate about my camera – careful getting me started talking about it, Carrie. I studied photography back in the… 80s?… with an old Nikon, film, developed my own prints in the darkroom, oh it was fun. But expensive, and learning took a long time. What I love about the new cameras is you can see what you did right or wrong on the computer that night, analyze, and it costs you nothing. I wanted an upgrade from my pocket size camera (though miss the convenience) for years, and finally broke down a year and a half ago and invested in a Canon Rebel EOS T3i, with a zoom lens EF-S 55-250 mm. The lens is worth it – telephoto is fun! I never use the wide angle. All purchased refurb from B&H on-line – highly recommend them as well – and if you can – treat yourself to a lesson when you get your new camera – whatever it is – because they are complicated, and one day with a pro is not only a lot of fun, it jump starts your intimate understanding of the camera. I can recommend one woman in Washington State and a man here in Colorado if that helps. Both are great teachers and good people. All in all, it is an expensive investment, over a thousand dollars total, but it has been worth every penny and I have enjoyed this immensely. Bulky as it is, I carry this camera with me everywhere. I bought a cheap lens hood and never even mess with a lens cap (lost long ago). Hope this helps.

      • Ah, thank you Gin! This is a great help and I totally get that you LOVE your camera. I am growing rather attached to mine as well. I may just go and take a day class using the point and shoot I have, it would be good to really know I am bumping up against the limits of the camera. It just feels like that is the case. It is a sony cybershot 16.2 megapixel. It has some great features and takes the best realistic photographs of any camera I have owned. I can just tell as I start to get more involved in my photographs, which is such a lovely feeling, I want more from the camera. I looked around craigslist and can find a number of deals in my area for just the set up you are referring to. Time to start saving :) After new tires, brakes and life!

        • Not after life, Carrie – along with it. I have no car, insurance, cell phone… but I got me a nice camera. I also had to save for years… I forgot that part! No longer having to support the kids certainly helps! You may have to wait a while yet. It’s worth waiting, and enjoying the kids while you can, too.

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