6 thoughts on “Going through some changes…

  1. I love all the picture’s that you post. It reminds me of when we where little and summers with aunt Alice and Mel getz. Also, my husband and I go married in the Getz cabin in 1990. Craig and I hiked up at Lost Trail Ranch.

  2. It’s good to experiment. I’ll give you my thoughts. White text on a dark background is easy to read – it’s how signs should be made for best legibility too. The font looks a little quirky – which might reflect my computer. Your writing is all about the content. It’s meant to be read, digested, pondered and acted upon, and so deserves a good clean font. (I’d go for Gill Sans or even plain old Arial.) Only about half of my screen is occupied by content which is a pity as it would be lovely to see your beautifully composed photos larger. This sounds a bit negative so far, which isn’t my intention. Do keep on experimenting. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  3. The former site allowed your beautiful photos to really have the space they need. They come up very small here, and I have to enlarge the view to see them. My advise is whatever you switch to keep those beauties large and full.

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