Fine tuning point and purpose


died last season aspen


when I wake I
remember what
is outside I love
but in my head
is not where
I want to be


old and new life on aspen


You know I never meant for this to be a travel log. Quite the contrary. It was always meant to be about home. Building home, making home, home making. Homesteading. But it’s not, is it? Though I think it was four years ago when High Mountain Muse first began. Seems long ago and far away now. Though the view outside the window looks just about the same as it did back then. Maybe less snow this year. That’s a problem. But I don’t want to discuss that today.

Maybe I’ve lost my way. Maybe I’ve changed direction. But look! Here I go. I’m changing again.

After our adventure last winter battling the Empty Nest syndrome by flying my own coop to Northern Washington, I was pretty sure I was ready to return, settle down, stay a while. But it seems I am not done. I can’t blame the Empty Nest syndrome any more. I should be over that. (Or does one ever really recover?) Maybe it’s just Itchy Feet.

But I think it’s more. It is about life. About passion. About a wild desire to experience life, full and rich. About tasting life, not just reading the recipe. And diving in. Not just touching your toe to cold water and being afraid to dive in.

I’m diving in.

Time to think about packing now. We’re two weeks away from launching. I hope you’ll join me. Sit back, tighten your seatbelts, and enjoy the ride.

But first, I’m here. Now. And that’s still the best place to be. (Especially with our son here with us!)




hold steady the camera
to the mountain
my muse
and breathe in another shot


chiseled somewhere in
there where I am
reminded of
the smell
of crumbled aspen leaves
and pine sap
spruce bark
and the odor of the bull elk
who left his bed of melted snow
to silently blend
into pale trees
and wood smoke wafting from
the cookstove chimney
lingering out on pasture
where the horses should be



willow branches


Trying not to write is like morning without coffee. Very incomplete, but without the headaches.


willow branch


13 thoughts on “Fine tuning point and purpose

  1. Hey Gin – YES- two weeks is not much time. Yes, you guys are plunging in to the latest adventure but it will be fascinating. And then there is Forrest and the ice. We love you guys.


  2. Amazing! I’m so glad I took the extra effort to open up your images and read everything! It was amazing! I love your writing style and tempo along with the beautiful images you helped my mind see! Congratulations on your move! My husband and I are moving away from California to Colorado soon, a major change from growing up by the beach and having never left or lived in another state we are so excited! Look forward to reading more about your journey!

    • Welcome, Mrs. Mooney. I have lived in California too, both here and there so beautiful of land and soul. The beach gets in your blood and you will need a fix from time to time, but you will find goodness here in the light, the mountains, the fresh air, the freedom. Enjoy!

  3. Always love your pics Gin. I am way behind in reading all my blogger friends’ posts. So, did you tell us where you are going in two week?

    I too often have itchy feet and just want to go some place, even just a day away :-)

  4. We, too, have Tomek here for a few days and aim to make the most of it; today all of us aim to goi nordic walking along the frozen beach.

    Yes, Gin, you keep us all in mind during your Patagonia days, it’ll be the next best thing to actually going there!

    • Ah, a frozen beach. Now that is something else I would love to see. Our best to you, Mirek and of course, Tomek! Please remind me: once a traveller, always a traveller? Like we saw with Tomek and I remember from my younger days, the difference between travelling and being a tourist. One becomes, the other simply passes through.

  5. I truly admire you, Gin. Most of us only wish we had the courage to reach out and take hold of opportunities that present themselves to us. We are given lots of opportunities in our lives and end up saying, “well, maybe next year or I just don’t have the time or the money or it’s just not the right time or blah, blah blah,” but you my friend, you reach out and grab it and go! God made this beautiful world for us to enjoy and gave us life to live to the fullest so you go out there and live it!

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