After the even zero of winter’s mornings



on thin ice


on thin ice 2


on thin ice 3



the weight of cold and clothes
slows us
down, lifting
bundled legs over
snow covered rocks
advancing up the
seemingly silent stream

a white ribbon running
through a white land

from her banks
she is silent still but
up close she
continues to sing

then suddenly she is
open, loud and
rushing from
a black abyss


upon her smooth
surface, or gives
way beneath footfall
leaving breathe caught
mid way and
heart pumping a little


we listen to find
our way, the stronger
she sings, the thinner
the ice, the closer we are
to rushing waters
and her secrets
chanting below
each hushed step
of snowshoe on powder


but for the occasional
criss cross pattern
bank to bank
like summer’s spider webs strung
tree to tree

in warmer days as we
come to the creek
and brush silk from our
sweaty cheeks
as we find a place
to cool and escape

now no more than an easy
crossing for
coyote and shoeshoe hare and

dog that turns wild on days like this
and allows us only
brief sightings
of brown fur and


he moves silent as
the river, stealth
through dark timber
in his own world yet
never too far from
where we are

then just as suddenly
by our side
and we slowly progress
up stream together
while the waters continue
their muffled flow down
beneath each

uncertain step


on thin ice 4


on thin ice 5


on thin ice 6


I would also like to share this.  It is beautiful.

The following was written and shared by “Yourothermotherhere” as a comment.  I think you will see why I felt this should be shared in a post. Thank you, for your words.


it is about you
because your eyes
belong to you
and where you stand
the view is unique
to you

but it’s also about me
because you are more
than your eyes

you are heart
and soul
and mind

that all long to connect
with others of the same

an infinite gallery
of beauty
seen through
eternal beings


5 thoughts on “After the even zero of winter’s mornings

    • Thank you, Amy. Quite helpful “feedback” actually. What I am trying for is the reader being there, in my shoes, seeing from my eyes. Seems like I’m getting close – bringing you there with me – but I think I can do better. A fun challenge… Funny the things that drive us?

  1. Hi dear, I love your writing & images… your blog mixed my mind with your web’s atmosphere. I read your note every night… beautiful, it’s different & lovely, I wish be there.

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