12 thoughts on “To Beartown and Beyond!

  1. Gin, Andy and I just spent 5 days at Bear Town. Amazing! We hiked to Starvation Gulch and spotted elk over the Divide. Loved Kite Lake! Beautiful!

    • I took hundreds, and these were my favorites. I could use some help (Tomek!!!) learning the next level – I jut feel like more should be good, fewer should be wasted. It should be less random, more deliberate.

    • About eight miles up 520, you turn off towards Beartown instead of heading towards Stony. The hardest part before then is Timber Hill. This is one of those locations for which you’ll need to rent a jeep or atv.

  2. Loved the photos! The Pine Trees looked green against the yellow of the Aspen – are they still healthy in that area, or was it just an optical illusion?

    • Good observation, Sheri, and you are right. The trees up in Beartown and Starvation are still green. It looks like the Starvation trees were hit this year by the beetles. You can see the tell tale signs of holes in the bark. We’re guessing they will probably be turning brown next year, and at this rate, we will assume the beetles’ path will continue west and hit Beartown next.

  3. Wow Gin. Beautiful photos! Even in a few short weeks, the landscape has changed so much. Amazing. I love the contrast of colors. Fall is starting to hit here as well. Cool mornings. Sending love and gratitude for wonderful memories.

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