(Forrest took these photos yesterday of Crow and me on our family Father’s Day adventure)




Bursting through the surface

And gasping for air

A dolphin above the waters

A woman beneath big sky

Ascending to higher ground

Scattered seeds settled

The wind pauses

Roots begin to grow

Twisted in the unseen vine

Back to ashes

Where we belong

5 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Ooh, what evocative photos. The first photo especially is a beautiful enigma – a handsome but anonymous lady on a fine horse in the wilderness. Why is she pausing? What is she thinking? And why is her face masked by shadow? Why the display of reserve when we know that she is brave and creative? Perhaps it’s time to sit up in heroic pose, to let the light wash across sculpted features whilst you stare us in the face. Because just maybe we are more than scattered seeds. Ashes might not be our destiny.

    • “… more than scattered seeds…”
      I used to liken my soul to an old growth tree.
      But now they are dying around me in thoes.
      Then what shall I be?
      A rock is to hard and unmoving.
      The river to soft and cold.
      The bare earth, the soil in which the seed shall take root and bloom?

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