And the net appears

For those who read my post “Cowgirl Up” earlier this year, you might recall I have a track record for acting before thinking. It’s that tough girl syndrome, and I’m not so sure it’s a good thing. However it has landed me in some interesting situations. Sometimes flat on my butt.

And sometimes, just sometimes, that craziness pays off. Those few times are probably responsible for that naughty little voice inside egging me on with just enough confidence to try it again. That little voice urging me, “Sure, give it a try! What do you have to lose?” At forty-five, with a husband by my side and a son in college, dog, cats and a dozen horses, a writing career that is refusing to take flight and a fabulous property that we can’t seem to pass on… Plenty.

Leap! And the net will appear!
I told him
He believed me.
And tell you what, for a while there, I was pretty sure that was a stupid thing to say and do.

Leap! And the net will appear!
We had held hands and jumped.
Left behind everything we built and most of what we owned to forge ahead like the pioneer I dream myself to be, looking for the perfect place to settle down.
And there we were like the rabbit falling endlessly wondering where time was going and when we’d reach the bottom.

Eight days. All it took was eight days and the pieces of the puzzle began to shift into place. The picture they are forming into, I might add, is even more beautiful than I imagined.

But of course, during those eight days, it was he supporting me. My weakness was wrought with spells of tears and fears and foolishness.

Perhaps moving 1400 miles and five states away with no more than a blind rental in place is not the way to make a move. But no one told me you were supposed to have it all lined up, job and all, before you give it a go. Bob said he had heard it is usually done that way, but again, he trusted. After all, he hadn’t done this sort of thing before. I was the expert. Ha! God, I love this guy.

I haven’t figured out if it is fate, fortune, or just dumb luck. But sometimes things work out. Fall into place. Come together just so.

Go figure. I don’t know how or why, or who or what to thank, but I’m mighty grateful. Saved my butt yet again.

And this time, made me look pretty good in the eyes of my husband.

“See,” I can tell him, “Told you it would work out!”

But I don’t say that. Because I think secretly he knows I was pretty scared there for a while. But don’t tell him that.

5 thoughts on “And the net appears

  1. Gin and Bob,

    Yea!!! So glad to ead this post and to know that you both are doing more than hanging on! Sounds like you are growing and growing.

    I have some photos I would like to share. Do you receive emails where you are and do you drive somewhere to retrieve?

    So all your horses have arrived?

    Please have a super Thanksgiving. Anyone from north of you coming down?


    • Hi Al!
      Pretty cool, eh?
      We’ve got excellent e-mail/internet here, so please share any/all pix.
      Bob’s heading back in another couple of weeks to bring up the horses after we finish getting set. We’ll probably have to walk them all up the snowy mountain, but it will be well worth it!
      And we’re still waiting for news from up north if we get a visit this holiday. I’m guessing that with the season pass to Whistler he just got, we might not see him until Christmas!
      Our best to you and Carolyn for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Gin, there is no such thing as luck. There is chance, of course, because none of us has perfect knowledge or can predict the choices of others. Some seemingly random things do happen. But the mythical fickle and not always benevolent ‘luck’ – that’s akin to the false deities of the ancients who, those people thought, from lofty vantage points toyed with the fates of men and women. What catches us out and makes us imagine ‘good luck’, I think, is the lack of credit that we give to the myriad calculations hidden within us that make up intuition. Yes, you took a chance and events played out to your advantage – which I am delighted to hear – but perhaps it was a more wisely calculated leap than you imagine. Besides, it is a leap into the arms of opportunity…

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