A return to black and white

There is no black, no white, only shades of grey. Facts and stories, people and places, yesterday and tomorrow, blending together into today. Shadows and suggestions, questions and ambiguity. This is what makes life such a challenge, yet brings great depth of beauty, interest and intrigue.

Grey, the laden clouds loitering low along the sides of the mountain now recently stripped of fancy foliage. Grey, shrouding the peaks now covered in a lighter wash, snow in the faintly brightening sky, spilling into the tree line, blending with dark timber, softening the harsh defining boundaries. Grey, in layers laid like swaths of blowing silk as far as they eye can see fading to a paler wash. Grey, between earth and sky and a part of each; that which bonds and unifies, connects and conceals.

One thought on “A return to black and white

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