Sand between my toes. Not what I have felt in years, living in a land of snow and wool socks, jagged rocks, boggy pasture and cowboy boots.

I have painted my toenails for first time in over twenty years, borrowing “city clothes” from my mother, sandals straight off her feet to be here. It is special.

Sand pours through my fingers, back onto the beach, limitless possibilities of patterns in the sand, forever changed by wind and water and my footprints which will last only until the tide returns.

I think of sand filtering through the confines of an hourglass, slowly shifting, piling, only to be turned again as we watch the next section fill. This is how we tell time.

Changing times.

Times of growth. Always growing. Nothing remains the same. Only now we take the time to acknowledge and celebrate.

Graduation. My son’s achievement of completing high school. In his class of one, he is here to share with others who have achieved similar. The balance of education and life.

It’s been up to him. Alone. I don’t teach him. He has learned to learn himself. His mind has not only grown with knowledge, but with the self-discipline and skills of directing, focusing, motivating and empowering himself. He has learned at eighteen what I seen some still don’t know.

And he understands the power and passion of work.

Where will his dreams lead him from here?

A new beginning.

As my greatest dream to date is being fulfilled.

Only to have more dreams, new dreams, variations on a theme, or beginning to sing a new song.

I love you, Forrest Nile Getz.

12 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Congrats Forrest You should be as prode of yourself as your mother is .You have me beat as to class size .When I grad from the 8th we had a class of 2 .You can do anything you want .Now college .Good Luck

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Congratulations on your high school graduation Forrest! Always keep your dreams alive. And Gin, I love the phrase, “Only to have more dreams, new dreams, variations on a theme or beginning to sing a new song.”…especially the “variations on a theme” part which is where I seem to be right now.

  3. I went to a Seventh Day Adventus two room school .In all 8 grades there was only about 20 to 30 students .The husband and wife splt the grades .When I went to public school one year I was so far ahead of them it was like going back to kindergarden .I will send you a graduation picture if i can figure how .The year I went to public school it was in Maryland .We moved there from Oregon to take care of my grandmother before she pasted away from cancer .In a math contest in Maryland I won and it included highschool students .Too bad I dont remember it all .Now I need a calculater to and one and one .You will notice words I spell wrong are because I learned sound out words and still do .It was a lot like home schooling .Thats one of the reasons I have so much respect for Forrest . He has gained so much on his own and with your help .He will always do well .He has learned figure things out for himself . My best wishes to both of you

  4. What you have taught Forrest is the special ability to think on his own, to learn independantly and be his own pathfinder; things “regular” school neglects. Well done Forrest – I’m confident that there are great things in store for you. Well done Gin, for providing your son with the environment and support to become a promising young man! I wish I had had those kinds of opportunities as a young person – traditional school bored and fettered me, yet somehow the love of learning stayed!

    • I’m rather late to respond here, Maggie, sorry – not being much of a seasoned traveller, I picked up a cold in the airplane and have been knocked out. (now it’s Forrest’s turn… oops). I wanted to say how impressed I am with your love of learning, growing (mind as well as fruits of your labors), and nurturing… Thank goodness there is no one right way, no one right path, for whatever road you ended up following(building?) might not have been traditional, but where it’s leading you is pretty special. Since I don’t write about farming and food very much (yet), I do hope to spread the word however I can to my friends here – please remember to think about where your food comes from, and perhaps take a more active role in its growth, production and harvest… at the very least, start thinking about it and taking a more proactive approach to your consumption. Please check out Maggie’s work for a bit of inspiration!

  5. i’ve been in a bit of a hole, recovering, gestating dreams, trying not to be afraid of possible pitfalls and obstructions, eeking out a post or two, visiting other blogs seldom. here you are with a major milestone, the two of you. what a beautiful time and so much to be proud of…

    • We need those holes, Ruth. Our dormant seasons. Flowers can not continue to bloom forever. We need to reseed, rest, set out new roots and fruits and allow the blossoms both sun and rain. If I can guess who and what you are from the time I’ve known you and all you’ve been through, those pitfalls and obstructions, even if they knock you down for just a little while, will give you more of you… more to write about, to feel, to be… more richness to your full love of life.

  6. A late but large congratulations to both of you. I know that Forrest will succeed in whatever he attempts in his life. His schooling may not have been traditional, but it has served him well and has gone way beyond what many students achieve. You are to be thanked, and he is to be watched and followed.

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