Planting Peas

Because life is too darned short to sit around and wait until you find the perfect place, the perfect weather, the perfect conditions.

Who defines “perfect” anyway?

Sometimes you just have to leap before the net appears.

And plant before the last frost free date. 

Because up here, there is no guarantee of a frost free date.

Who says you can’t?

As our friend Marv once told me, the word “can’t” isn’t spoken in this house.

So, I can plant peas.  Even in the snow…

And today, lettuce, chard, carrots, radish, beets and bok choi.

And maybe the net will appear, and I’ll have a basket full of bounty from these humble raised beds.

Or maybe I can just say I had fun trying.  Because really, just being out there, working the soil, yes, even in the heavy falling spring snow, sure feels pretty close to perfect to me.

10 thoughts on “Planting Peas

  1. perfect…a dynamic state…dependent on the myriad unpredictable elements and factors swirling in a life and therefore virtually indefinable until after the fact. :) my fingers are cold now from planting peas beside you there in the mountains. thanks for the transport!

    • Good question, Marvin – to which I don’t yet know the answer. Farrier was here yesterday and did a lovely trim, but we’re waiting until June and ditch work until shoeing. But more important… I understand you have beautiful news – a grandchild! What a blessing! You have many … that’s a grand thing.

  2. Gin,

    My kind of horse – BIG!

    Rain here last night which we needed. Snow, Snow, Stay Away. We can play again in 10 months.


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