Silver fingers in the moon


hollyhock (640x427)


Sometime late
tonight I will be
sitting in front of

the fire, tucked into
the rocks and out
of the wind, with

my dog by heels and
my husband beside
me, and I will look

up to the north and
see Luna in her
full, fat splendor.

I will imagine on her
silver face, upside
down though she seems

to me here, a smile
as smooth as the Mona Lisa.
And you, you who I

love with a heart as
big as that moon, will
be so very far

to the north, and
I imagine you
will look to the

south and see her
rise, and we will both
be watching the same

full moon from
opposite ends of the world.
And I will imagine

her as a mirror, and
send a shimmer as you
so often did with

shiny things
when the morning sun
spent its wealth on

our breakfast table, across
your face where
my hand would otherwise

be, offering a gentle touch.