Updates from the Upper Rio Grande

Though I rarely mention our guest ranch business with my personal business, the two are of course intertwined and both a part of me. So… here’s the latest from the guest ranch side of me:


Updates from the Upper Rio Grande

lost trail ranch

Woven into winter… dreaming of favorite places… taking you back to where you want to be…


Dear Friends of Lost Trail Ranch,

As the shrill call of the Redwing Blackbird this week heralds their return to the mountain and brings the promise of spring to our otherwise wintry landscape, we turn our attention towards the seasons upcoming.  We welcome you to this beautiful new year, trusting it is a great one so far for you, and hope to have the chance to see many of you in the year ahead.

Some exciting news to share with you:

First, we’re getting a brand new web site!  Same location (www.lost-trail.com) but a whole new look.  After over a dozen years of toying with our home-made web site – based on the assumption that the beauty of the place is enough to capture your attention and your heart – we’re are super excited to be launching a completely new site, designed and implemented by the extraordinarily talented Kara Brittain of B4Studio (www.b4studio.com). The site is in the works, bringing a beautiful redesign and wonderful working interface, featuring personal photos, stories and a clean, clear, easy to read and navigate format.  As we progress with the new site, please take a look, tell us what you think!  It’s a work of art, and still in the works, so your feedback would be most appreciated.

And… your involvement!

We would love your help in this process.  Please read on…

Stories! Would you be willing to share a story?  Instead of the usual rave reviews and recommendations or interesting historic tid-bits from the area, what would be more fun and endearing than to read, share and exchange your personal stories of a special time or event or memory created here at Lost Trail Ranch on the website? Perhaps a tale of awakening to the blessing of an early snow or brilliant rainbow, a wild ride on ATV up to the Divide, a wonderful wildlife viewing, a bunch of song and laugher around a campfire, or the one that got away.  Please write (e-mail us) and share! We’d love to read your stories…  Okay, I’ll be the first… (story to follow)

Pictures!  Have any special pictures you might be willing and able to share with us on the site, too? Perhaps of your favorite place, cabin or part of the cabin that means something dear to you, a quiet moment captured lounging in the sun with a good book in a quiet corner of your cozy cabin, laughing around a camp fire or chillin’ on the front deck.  Perhaps of your favorite activity, be it an awesome hike, mountain bike ride or ATV adventure, your favorite fishing hole (if you don’t mind sharing your secrets), a fun day spent in Lake City or Creede, an exhilarating exploration up the mountain?  We’d love to see and share your images, from family time or a romantic couple get-away or just the beauty of the cabins and surrounding mountains. When you find a few minutes, please look through some of your favorites, and send ‘em this way if you’re willing and able to share the beauty!

More exciting news:  This summer will be the first season we are proudly offering Hill Top Cabin as a part of our rental fleet!  Hill Top Cabin is the big, beautiful, private and pristine cabin about a quarter mile up the road from the main ranch, on top of the hill (thus the name) overlooking the ranch, the valley and the reservoir (talk about views!). This opportunity is a dream come true for many who have inquired over the years… now it’s a reality! We are pleased to announce weekly rentals offered from Sunday to Sunday (our main cabins are Saturday to Saturday), June through mid October.  Please write us for more details, inquiries and/or to make reservations for the upcoming summer season.

Other news and updates of interest:

On a personal note… Bob & Gin have just returned from another season in Argentina, and are back to working on their home by the river, writing a new book, and starting an exciting new chapter of their life together. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world… or rather, the end of the world! Forrest will be wintering (our summer is his winter) at the South Pole.  That’s a lot of cold, dark days while we’ll be here enjoying the comfort and beauty of the Colorado high mountain sun! Some say he was raised for such a situation, but no matter the stories we’ve told you, it really never get’s that rough here.  All we know is, we’ll miss him – and hope he manages to stay as warm as one can in the eternal darkness where winter temps average -76 degrees F.

Finally, what are YOU doing this summer?  Hoping you’ll be able to be here for at least a week to get your mountain fix!  Interested in spending a month or more here at Lost Trail Ranch?  We’re looking for a couple of good caretakers – your own private cabin in exchange for minimal daily chores, meeting and greeting, and helping out on the weekend with turnover. This is a non paid position; perfect for someone(s) looking to just getaway and enjoy the peace and privacy of the mountain and our guests for an extended period of time.  Please drop us an e-mail if this sound interesting…

Hope to see  y’all soon!

With warmest regards,

Lost Trail Ranch

e-mail:  losttrailranch@gmail.com

address:  18100 USFS Rd 520, Creede, CO 81130

website:  www.lost-trail.com

~along the upper rio grande



Hill Top Cabin



down river at ute creek