On love and healing.

On love and healing and crazy connections from opposite hemispheres with similar souls.

Written by the Two Virginias


ginny and gin


Healing is different things to different persons, as matters we seek healing from are different for us all.

Life’s lessons learned in healing from hard times.  The power of reaching out.  Helping others through care and compassion.  Oddly enough, we find wonderful capacity of healing when we turn our attentions from own troubles, be they physical, mental or a combination thereof, towards someone else.  In helping others, we do in turn help ourselves.  But finding the authenticity in our motives is essential.  When our caring becomes complete – fully for the pure good of the other person – magical things happen.  Depression may be lifted.  And we may walk again.


In the past, we both have found the power of healing from horses and creativity.

The healing power of horses is deeply powerful yet beautifully simple.  Perhaps it is our compassion for these mighty and gentle creatures, the nurturing we give to them, the essence they impart with us when we do no more than stand beside them and burrow our noses into their warm musky sides, or sit proudly upon their backs and move in wondrous ways. We are stronger, more complete, more humble, more full.

As for creativity, Ginny is a painter, Gin a writer.  The expression of any art is an inner release. Paint and the written word can be forms of bleeding forth, purging ourselves, enriching others.  From Ginny’s passionate gesture drawings of horses before her to her painting of a radiant spine after hers was broken, to Gin’s writing of the drama and trauma of family feuds and the loss of foals on the family ranch in her recent memoir, The Color of the Wild, an intimate look at life in an untamed land. (2014 NorLights Press).  In our art, we both have learned too that healing it is not just in the creation, but in the sharing.  Art is meant to be seen, books made to be read.

A combination of the two stories and two women is passionately shared in the upcoming memoir/biography, Dancing in the Wind, a Tale of Two Virginias. “Two wild women, one debilitating disease, and the adventure of writing in the Patagonia winds. This book is based upon the life of a remarkable woman, Virginia Tice Neary Carrithers, and our time together in the wilds of Patagonia.  A tangled web of a tale as seductive as the Argentine mountains in which the story takes place. Intended to be biography of a wonderful, wacky woman who has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for nearly forty years, this tale turns into unique take on telling a story, told by a writer who becomes a part of the world in which she set out to write.”

It is this process of healing and sharing that brought us together and now is bringing the book to fruition.


A third essential element of healing is found in the pure giving of oneself for the benefit of another.  This is probably the most powerful of all.  And probably the most difficult to learn and practice.

Ginny (Virginia Neary Tice Carrithers)

Currently, I am working on healing myself from the effects of Multiple Sclerosis which I have been living with for nearly forty years.  At times, like now, I am wheel chair bound but don’t give up on being up and dancing again.  Soon!

In the process of working on the healing of my body, I continue to try to heal others through reaching out, listening, offering inspiration.  For many years, I worked to organize and inspire fundraisers and awareness events for the National MS Society, then focusing on my family and my art. Now I continue to do what I can to reach others and help them through the healing process in part through my website CreativityHeals.org.  The greatest gift I can give now is my story.  Hopefully you will find inspiration in that (as well as some entertainment!).

Gin (Virginia Tone Getz)

My troubles have seemed slight in comparison.  For years we struggled with dividing lands and trying to find a place to call home.  Now I have claimed a mountain in Colorado as home (though have a part of me waiting in Patagonia) and my struggles go far beyond the personal as I watch the wilds outside my window first turn from green to brown with the mass infestation of the Spruce Beetle, and now suffer the devastation of tremendous fires and floods.

Distracted by the destruction of the natural world around, I found myself in a great depression.  It’s pretty amazing how debilitating our own minds can be.  And then how brilliant.  As the illness was created in my own mind, so there would I find the path for healing.  At some point, I realized it was time to “get over it.”  I returned to working on the manuscript of The Tale of Two Virginias.  Part way through, I came to this section of being on the rocks above the wild river with the blinding sun and twisting winds and after months of searching, finding myself finally on the rock that was Ginny’s intimate place of prayer.  I felt her presence there at the time and the resulting feeling was… well, I describe it in great detail in the book.  Powerful.  That’s it in a nutshell.  So here I was back in Colorado and just reading that brought me back there, along that river, and in the presence of Ginny.  And suddenly, I felt the warmth of the sun and the passion of the wind and the exhilaration of Ginny’s beautiful energy.  And I began to heal.   Starting with returning to the power of giving what I can of myself, my writing, to help others.

The fourth essential element for healing, and the greatest of all, we must remember, is love.  Love for each other, the land, animals, and our personal spiritual beliefs.

I think Ginny had been trying to tell me this all along.


ginny y gin