Days are as deep as we allow ourselves to dive, and life is as rich as we make it.  Ok, so it’s my birthday, and although I’m not looking for the extra love and attention (no, really…well… maybe… sort of…), these days always bring out a bit of selfishness in us all, and draws out our contemplative nature.  Another year gone; another one starting.

I’ll start with words of wisdom shared with my son, Forrest.

  1. Start being today the person you wish to be tomorrow.
  2. Remember, it may be what you do NOT do that you could regret when you one day look back upon your life, not what you have done.


46.  Somehow that sounds much older than 45.  Middle aged. Mature. Maybe it’s time to grow up.  Instead, I learn to accept that a part of me never will.  Childlike is not a crime.  I can live with it.  I can love it.  As I tend to do with the playful nature of my husband.  Maybe Growing Up is over rated.

Twenty years ago I didn’t think that.  Fun as I may have had back then, I looked at age as freedom.  Assuming age brings wisdom (and really, that is questionable, but probable, as long as we keep our eyes, mind and hearts open). Wisdom opens doors.  Within one self as well as out in the world.

Wisdom comes not only with age but with love of learning, love of living.  And isn’t that a wonderfully childlike state of being?  At any age.

So here’s to accepting growing older without completely growing up. Ever.

And all the while, being open for wiser days ahead.