Good News.


new growth on spruce tree


Wow!  We’re live on Amazon!

The Last of the Living Blue is available NOW– in paperback and Kindle. Amazing – three days ahead of schedule!

Okay, Reviewers: Now you can post your reviews!  Please, when you can… your help is so appreciated and truly needed.

And speaking of Reviewers:

Sammie has wonderfully offered to extend the opportunity:  A free paperback copy of The Last of the Living Blue in exchange for posting a review.  If you would like to take her up on this very generous offer, please write her at, and be sure to give her your mailing address. Sammie is super – there are no strings attached – this is just a way of spreading the word, sharing, and generating more interest for a book we both believe in. Seriously, reviews do matter.  Please take the time to share and post.  Most importantly, I hope you read this new book, and I hope you love it.

I’m told you’re not supposed to get too attached to your work.  Too late.  I am.  It is a part of me.  It is my gift to you.

This one matters so much to me.  This one is for the trees…

Thank you all for your kindness and support, for reading, sharing, listening, inspiring… I am just so happy right now!  Thank you!!!


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